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Still contemplating on which high school to enroll in? Well this guide will cover some of the perks, extracurricular activities, and classes some of the Fullerton high schools have to offer.

Troy High offers an abundance of sports, scholarly classes, and esteemed programs such as Troy Tech. However, what makes this high school one of the best high schools academically is their recognition in the Science Olympiad, Cyber Security, and other various tech programs. So far, they have won 13 national Science Olympiad titles as of 2019 and is one of the only 59 high schools in America to gain a New American High School Status. Troy High School is known to be academically intense. So if you want to enroll in one of their AP, IB, or Cambridge programs and classes, be prepared to spend and dedicate a tremendous amount of time for learning. Even students from distant cities come to enroll at this high school, which is what makes this school so prestigious. Another reason why some may want to attend Troy High School is because of their golf program. Other public high schools in the city of Fullerton do not offer golf as one of their sports because it takes a good amount of money to travel to a golfing range and use their facilities.

 Sunny Hills High School is the perfect school for those who love being involved in multiple activities and programs. Sunny Hills High School offers plenty of opportunities to participate in the fine arts, coding, and agri-science. Sunny Hills High School is also one of the few high schools in Fullerton to offer Korean as a foreign language. There are many students at Parks Jr. High School who may be interested in learning Korean to improve their skills in this language. Sunny Hills also offers a Computer Science program for students to learn how to code and gain critical thinking skills, presentation skills, resilience, and experience with highly advanced technology. Like Fullerton Union High School, Sunny Hills High School also offers ROP, also known as Regional Occupational Program, which is a curriculum that assists students by providing them with employment ready skills in Video Production, Photography, Automotive Tech, and other various medical careers.

 Interested in majoring in the arts in the future? If so, Fullerton Union High School is the perfect school for you! They have an amazing arts program and are currently holding auditions for Matilda the Musical. Previously they have performed The Little Prince, Same Room Different Story, and much more. A unique program which Fullerton Union High School offers is BEAST, which stands for biology, engineering, arts, science, and tech. This course uses artistic, mechanical, and biological principles used in creating prosthetics and other hands-on projects. Like Troy High School, Fullerton Union High School also offers a Speech and Debate Program. Many students may want to build up their confidence by participating in this program. They have been known for their state and national awards and titles. They also offer other programs such as Computer Science, Culinary Arts, Agri-Science, Dual Enrollment with Fullerton College, and much more.

While there is plenty of time and opportunities to choose which Fullerton high school you want to attend, it is best to be prepared instead of having to choose a high school at the last minute. So after reading this article, which high school will you attend?