It was the Panthers boys’ second soccer game of the season, on February 2nd, 2022. It was a tough game, 4-0. Although the Panthers lost, it was still a great game to watch. Ladera Vista’s players were rough and motivated, which made them a difficult team to play. LV had gotten up to three yellow cards throughout the game, being a hard team to beat. The yellow card was given to the LV athletes to warn them that they had been playing recklessly and were being unsportsmanlike. Parks had slowly begun to lose. 

The goalie, Nathan Robinson tried to deflect the ball in hopes of not allowing the opposing team to score but ended up with a broken wrist. It was a difficult game to say the least and while the Panthers were losing, they still tried their hardest and played a great game. Even when the Panthers lost to Ladera Vista, the audience and students were able to gather and support both teams being able to call it a fair game. Both teams tried their best and congratulated each other for their great efforts.