McDonalds Health Effects

McDonalds prepares unhygienic foods that do incredible harm to you. Their fast foods have loads of sodium, fatty acids, and sugar that should not be consumed regularly. The first McDonalds restaurant was opened in 1940, and was designed to produce large quantities of food at low prices. It soon became a worldwide sensation. Today, more than 85% of Americans visit McDonalds at least once a year. However, their red meat and fried foods make up much of their products. Overconsumption may lead to the development of conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. So why do people choose to eat McDonalds? McDonalds success originated from its franchising model, consistency, and innovation. They use TV, print, display, radio, and online advertising to attract customers. Using catchy slogans (“I’m loving it”) and toys (Happy Meals), they see increasing growth. McDonalds also uses pricing strategies such as price bundling, which is when a company offers meals and other product bundles for a discount. Nonetheless, many McDonalds menu items have a high amount of fat. The heavy use of these food items are what causes obesity, liver failure, and other health disorders. To avoid temptations, keep a cooler tucked in your car’s back seat. Try fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables. Using common alternatives to McDonalds will eventually lead to a stronger, healthier lifestyle.