Artificial Rainstorms in Dubai


Controlling the weather may sound like a superpower, but thanks to science, scientists were able to make it happen. 

Recently, temperatures in Dubai surpass 115 degrees fahrenheit on a regular basis. For Dubai, this unbearable weather is normal during July throughout September. Because of this, the government has decided to take control of the scorching weather. 

Annually, the United Arab Emirates receive approximately 4 inches of rain per year. Scientists in the United Arab Emirates decided to step in and create artificial rain storms by using electrical charges from drones. According to research from the University of Reading in the U.K, when the drones come in contact with clouds through electricity, it is expected that the electricity will create larger raindrops by merging smaller droplets with the larger ones, which becomes a huge advantage for this hot country. This is expected to reduce some of the arid nation’s heat waves.

This new creation of artificial rain shows hope in mitigating drought conditions all around the world. This new method guarantees less environmental concerns as past methods such as salt flares, or also known as cloud seeding. This method shoots silver iodide into clouds in an attempt to trigger rainfall.

In 2017, researchers studying in Rain Enhancement Science, also known as man-made rainstorms, at the University of Reading were awarded $1.5 million in funding. The United Arab Emirates has a total investment in rain-making projects of $15 million.