State Testing Preparation


How can schools prepare their students for state testing? State testing is designed to assess a student’s ability to think and solve problems. The two-hour test is computer-based and uses many different types of questions to determine whether students have learned what they were expected to. It is important because it helps ensure all public school students receive a quality education, no matter what school they attend.

Students can prepare themselves without the help of their parents or teachers by simply relaxing and remaining positive. In a relaxed state of mind, you can think more clearly and access your memory. Talking to your teacher before the exam to grasp a greater understanding of what might be on the test could better prepare you. By doing so, you’re opening an opportunity to practice accurately.

Teachers are also preparing for standardized testing. Creating lessons based on students’ CAASPP content tests makes it easier for them to flourish. Examples for standardized tests are available online for teachers to share with their students. Lastly, teachers can help support students socially and emotionally before the assessment with Nearpods test taking strategies. Identifying our testing weaknesses and correcting them improves our test taking skills and helps us succeed.