Is It Time for Change?


PARKS JUNIOR HIGH OCTOBER 22, 2021 Technology has advanced immensely over the years, and has inundated its way into our everyday lives. However is this normalized practice bringing any positive change?


When dealing with tests, paper seems to be the superior choice, not only have most students seen higher grades, but they seem to consider them more simple and less complicated. Based on an interview conducted, it turns out that the majority of Park Junior High students seem to prefer and perform better overall when testing on paper. Their reasons varied, but when asked, 7th grade students responded that, while they may take time to grade, paper tests allowed them to show more work, and simplified the struggle of rechecking your answers. Additionally, with the students who were comfortable with paper assignments, they responded how without access to the internet they were able to focus considerably better than when they were working digitally.


Assignments however seem to completely vary between students. In fact out of the students interviewed, 55% prefer the digital route, while the other 45% consider paper assignments to be superior. For those who support digital, their thought process is the following: when dealing with 7 separate classes in middle school, one’s top priority is to work efficiently. Most interviews then concluded that working digitally not only kept their work neat and easy to access, but made the process of turning and remembering assignments more easy to manage. 

Now moving on to the other side of the argument, with a slight minority of students, students seem to prefer paper for their more straightforward and more creative approach to assignments. For example, when dealing with projects concerning art, design, or simply modeling paper proves to be a significant advantage, while speaking in terms of digital students claim that drawing is a complete challenge.

With all of the information provided, what do YOU think? Should schools adjust methods of delivering tests, assignments, and creative projects based on the preference of the majority?