Polar Bears Soon to Be Extinct


Polar bears are facing extinction. People have disturbed their habitat by killing polar bears for fur, and causing oil spills. Humans are harming polar bears because of what we are doing. We are a part of causing climate change. The ice caps polar bears live on are melting and becoming water. Soon enough, the ice will melt and the polar bears will struggle to survive.

Polar bears are facing extinction because we humans have been spilling oil into the sea where they live. The oil that spills into their habitats will affect them in harmful ways. If they swim in the oil infested waters, their fur will stick together and will not protect them from the freezing temperatures of the Arctic circle. Not only will it affect their fur and ruin one of the ways they keep warm, but oil can cause poisoning when grooming themselves or their cubs. Another way they can be affected by poisoning is if they eat food with oil covering it. When they eat poisoned prey, they will end up suffering poisoning and may die. These oil spills are killing many polar bears and who knows how many more are going to be killed by oil spills.

Not only are oil spills a problem for the polar bears, but people that live near the Arctic circle are killing polar bears for their fur. People use their fur for coats and rugs to keep warm in the cold temperatures. 53,495 polar bears died from 1963-2016 all due to hunters hunting in Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Russia, and Svalbard. With these numbers, an average of 991 polar bears die yearly to hunters, and this will play a major role in why polar bears will eventually go extinct.

These are all huge problems polar bears face right now, but the worst of them all is climate change. Climate change is melting the polar ice caps and the sea level is rising. Soon enough, the ice caps will melt and their area to live on is limited. The sea level will rise, covering even more land and killing many polar bears because they will eventually tire out and drown. Not only will they tire out while non stop swimming, they will struggle to catch food and can be easily beaten by killer whales orcasĀ  while in water. While some places may still have a good amount of ice left, the temperature will rise and their fur and fat will overheat them and kill many polar bears.

At this rate, polar bears are due to be extinct by 2050-2100 and it is no surprise. The health of the polars bear population is not on the radar. With polar bears dying left and right to oil, humans, and climate change, they will be another species added to the long list of extinct animal species.