Outer Banks (Review)


Outer Banks is a TV show series that premiered on Netflix April 15, 2020.The second season came out July 30, 2021. It is an action-adventure, mystery, thriller, and a teen drama. The show follows John B (Chase Stokes) and his group of friends JJ, Kiara, and Pope, the “Pogues.” When John B’s father passes away, he and his group of friends are determined to find out what had happened to John B’s father. In the first episode John B is supposed to be moved to a foster home, but the move had to be postponed due to a hurricane. After the hurricane the Pogues find a key to a motel room from a sunken ship in the marsh. In the room there was an envelope, a gun, and a large amount of cash. Later that day the Pogues go swimming in the lake and Kiara (one of the Pogues) finds John B’s father’s compass. This compass slowly leads them to more and more clues and eventually to missing treasure. Together the Pogues are determined to find out what had happened to John B’s father and to find the missing treasure. But they are not the only ones after the treasure. Ward Cameron and his son Rafe are determined to find the missing treasure as well, but as soon as Ward’s daughter Sarah realizes her dad is the bad guy, she soon joins the Pogues and is no longer considered a kook. Now they are all trying to figure out the clues and see who finds to the missing treasure first.