Magnus Carlsen loses tournament: $100 million dollar lawsuit follows


On Sept. 4, Magnus Carlsen lost to 19-year-old grandmaster Hans Niemann, something nobody could have seen coming. Niemann by all means shouldn’t have won, with black pieces and playing against Carlsen, the greatest chess player in the world.

After Carlsen’s matchup with Niemann, Carlsen tweeted his withdrawal and linked a video clip with a soccer manager saying, “ I prefer really not to speak. If I speak, I am in big trouble.” At their next tournament meetup, Carlsen resigned after only one move, refusing to play against Niemann. All signs pointed to Carlsen accusing Niemann of cheating. furthered cheating accusations by releasing a 72-page report on Niemann and debunking his claims that he has only cheated a handful of times when he was younger. Rather, the site alleges he has cheated in more than 100 online games. With all these allegations against him, Niemann filed a $100 million lawsuit against and Magnus Carlsen for defamation. In this case, Niemann requests that if the defendants are found guilty of any of his four claims he will receive $100 million per claim. Although this case is ongoing, it is reasonable to assume that Magnus and were not purposely sabotaging Niemann and his career. It seems unlikely Hans Niemann will win this case, but only time will tell.