Chargers VS Broncos


On Oct.16, 2022, the Chargers beat the Broncos 19-16. The game was very close, 

going into overtime with the Chargers winning by a field goal. During the first quarter, the score was 10-0 with the Broncos leading the game. Broncos’ Brandon McManus scored first with a 51-yard field goal, followed by Greg Dulcich with a 39-yard pass, and Brandon McManus for a one-point conversion.

In the second quarter, the Chargers scored 10 points for a very shocking 

comeback. Austin Ekeler got a six-yard run and a one-point conversion to make the game 7-10. Then Dustin Hopkins made a 37-yard field goal to tie it up. But, in a shocking moment,  in the last five seconds of the quarter, McManus made a 27-yard field goal to keep the lead.

During the third quarter, both teams played amazing defense, and no 

points were scored until there were four minutes and 19 seconds left on the clock. Placekicker Dustin Hopkins scored a 31-yard field goal, tying up the game 13-13.

For the final quarter, both teams were able to lock down some more points.

McManus made a 48-yard field goal making, making the score 16-13 and seemingly winning the game for his team. However, five minutes later, Dustin Hopkins made a 35-yard field goal, putting the score at 16-16. Later in the overtime, the Chargers’ Dustin Hopkins scored a field goal, sealing the win.