The Fall of the US Women’s Soccer Team


Is this the end of the Women’s US Soccer Team’s dominance? The Women’s US Soccer Team have won 4 Olympic gold medals in the year 1996, they have also won 4 women’s World Cup titles in the year 1999, not long after they won the gold medals. In the Tokyo Olympics the Women’s soccer team lost to Canada in the semi finals. What happened this time?

Websites have stated age could be one of the problems with the US Soccer team’s loss. While searching I found that the average age for the soccer team right now is 30 years or older, while Canada’s team is 20 or older. The US team may be losing their mojo because of their old age. Other sites have stated that the age has slowed their body’s down and their muscles are tightening up making them slow down and having less advantage over the other team.

 I have inferred that the US team may have not trained as much as the Canada team during quarantine. I came to this conclusion because also while searching for answers I found an interesting article that led to the conclusion that the soccer team was not training as much as they normally do. Without proper training you will not be able to stay as or as good as a soccer player, you need to train really hard at least three times a week to stay as good as professionals are. Can their lack of playtime affect their performance?

I have come to the conclusion that the reason why the women’s soccer team has fallen was all of these things. Their age has interfered with their ability to be fast or just flexible and more likely to strain a muscle. Quarantine has also affected their playing time for practice and training. The average practices they had were three to four a week, but in quarantine they had two to three practices a week. All these things combined has caused them to lose in the semi finals against Canada.