On March 13, President Donald Trump announced a national emergency due to Covid-19. With cases rising, schools shutting down, masks on faces, all schools shut down and the world went silent. Overtime, schools reopened and everything started to go back to normal thanks to the vaccine. Recently, schools gave a two week break for winter and the new year 2022. Families around the world slowly turned off their lights and left the house for 2 weeks not knowing the chaos that would happen once they returned. From places all around the world, people take off their masks and hangout with people from other areas as well. Once they return home, they take a test for Covid, and it comes back positive. Before winter break, on December 20, 2021, there were a total of 1355 new cases of Covid. Once everyone went back to school, (January 10, 2022) there were 25,439 new cases in the span of a day. The U.S has a total of over 73 million cases! Students were noticeably disappearing from their classes and their outside activities. A bigger situation happening as of early December, is that not only students, but now teachers are disappearing from schools because of Covid and now omicron. Students do not have teachers anymore and substitute teachers are slowly disappearing as well. All schools in Cleveland, Ohio decided to go remote starting January 5, 2022 and still have an undecided date as to when schools will open. Charles County, Maryland; Reading, Pennsylvania; and Weehawken, New Jersey are all facing this problem as well. They all shut down on January 10, 2022 which has troubled the education system and is endangering many teachers. Schools are now offering the choice of staying one hundred percent online or going to school in person. Many districts worldwide are providing a program that is not following the schools progress for students online. Because of the rise in covid cases, many schools are contemplating shutting them down and going back to online learning.