Spanish 1B Makes Magical Mexican Corn


Oct. 5, 2022, Señorita Moreno’s Spanish 1B class made the Mexican corn, elotes. This event took place during Period 7 on the outside patio behind Mr. Beaver’s and Mrs. Chabanel’s classrooms. There were four tables, two equipped with mayonnaise and a bowl of Cotija cheese, one with an aluminum tray filled to the brim with shucked corn, a tin of chili powder, a bottle of Tajin, and the last with an assortment of sodas.

Elotes are made using a fairly simple process. First, a wooden stick is forced through the center of the corn, and mayonnaise is lathered on. Cheese is either sprinkled or dumped all over the cob. Lastly, based on the preferences, butter, chili powder, and Tajin are added.

Vivianne Lee, an eighth grader, told reporters, “Preparing this dish is my favorite part. I would definitely recommend it” while Sofia Best, an eighth grader, rated it a 10/10. Maxwell Taylor Gilstrap, a seventh-grade reporter who got a chance to taste the corn stated, “I have never tried this food prior to today; however, I love the cheese and the great chili makes it all the better. The hardest part was spreading the mayo and forcing the wooden stick through the middle.” Introducing parts of Hispanic culture to students help kids fall in love with the language and understand it more. Everyone should try this Mexican dish!